What requirements must the Content Managemend System match to be rated as really good?

  • Out of question are lucidity and easy content update
  • Functions to speed up and simplify common tasks are very helpful too
  • Flexibility and extensibility are required for your specific needs
  • Security and control are really not least important

What functions does Pagoda CMS really offer?

Layout and content separation
You are completely separated from the layout templates when updating the page content
Documents can be easily extended with new items
User accounts and groups
Many users can be working at the same time without any interferences
Users can have a different permissions and can be locked into selected section
Language versions
Based on your needs, it's possible to define any number of language versions for each object
Administration interface supports localization too
History of changes
List of all changes with the possibility to rollback to a previous version of content or layout
Publication chain
Content can be revised and approved before publication
Publication scheduling
Support for showing and hiding the content on defined time
Perfect for publication of time-limited offers or advertisement planning
Content categorization
Create your own categories to classify your documents
Each document can be assigned to several categories at the same time
Image galleries
Define several proportions and each image will be resized to match all the required formats
Each picture can be commented by a short title and a longer description
Easy voting polls will allow you tu run simple research or single-question surveys among your visitors
Give your visitors a way to write their opinion on your articles
Supports user posts approval
User registration
Allow your clients to view a protected informations
Supports several separated groups with different access permissions